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Posts from February 2016

Pray without ceasing

By this point we are well into Lent.  Perhaps you’ve figured out your Lenten project, perhaps you haven’t.  There is still time to do so.  If you’re still looking for something here’s a suggestion that is doable by all: 1. At some point during your day find three minutes (we all have three minutes, right?).  […]

Sojourning into Reflection

This week begins our annual sojourn into reflection.  As I type the word, reflection, I am struck by the back and forthness of it – two mirrors held up against each other.  In Lent there is an expected element of peering deep into one’s soul, wondering (wandering?) into the abyss of our brokenness.  And, there […]

Inviting you to Lent at St. Alban’s

Lent begins next week with the celebration of Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, 5:30-7:30, in the theater lobby followed by Ash Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday services will be 7 a.m. (said service, no communion), 11-1 Ashes to Go on the UTA campus in front of the library, and 7 p.m. (with music and communion). The 40 days […]