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Posts from June 2016

A topsy-turvy week

Last week was topsy-turvy, full of wild emotional swings. We began the week with two events that speak to the dichotomy of the value of women in our society – the first female nominee for President of the United States juxtaposed by the maybe-if-we-hold-our-tongue-just-right-and-squint-our-eyes “conviction” of Brock Turner, the Stanford sexual assaulter.  Towards the end […]

ECBF Kevin [60113]

ECBF Loan to Theatre Arlington

Perhaps you’ve heard news of the Episcopal Church Building Fund (ECBF) underwriting the loan for Theatre Arlington to buy the Education/Administration building (the building in which the church offices).  This is a novel, out-of-the-box stretch for the Church which has garnered national press.  Here’s a link to the article in The Living Church, http://www.livingchurch.org/church-theatre-symbiosis . […]