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Posts from February 2017

Recognizing the Word

Sometimes, it seems to me, that we get stuck on Jesus (not that getting stuck on Jesus is necessarily bad) But, we get so focused on Jesus of Nazareth that we forget about the Word, as in “In the beginning was the Word … and the Word was God…. All things came into being through the Word. (John […]

Jesus, the Christ

This week we’re deep in the middle of Epiphany. The temptation is to go to Lent, which always seems to pop up out of nowhere like a desert dust devil. But, not yet.   I wonder why it seems easier for us to settle our gaze upon Lent, with its internal reflections, than upon reflecting […]


Items needed for 4Saints Food Pantry

Dear St. Alban’s Friends, The Grand Opening of the 4Saints Food Pantry will be on Thursday February 16th at 10:00 am. It has been identified that there are some items that are still needed to stock the shelves.  You are being asked to help by donating the following items: Most important: Canned Soup 2. Canned […]

What we need

I’ve often heard the argument for people being sent to hell is that God couldn’t take into God’s self someone that is antithetical to the qualities and nature of God. It goes something like this: God is perfectly good. Therefore, God can not be with that which is not perfectly good as that would mar […]