We are called to be the hands of the Lord in this place, open to all, reaching out to the community and the world.


We hope you will come and worship with us in our unique location, where we are reminded that we are called to be the church in the midst of the changes and drama of life. As we set up our altar each week, we recall that Christ has come into our midst, spreading his banquet feast, and inviting all to come to the table he has set before us. Our world view grows every few weeks with the changing theater set that frames our altar!

ALL ARE WELCOME, and you can feel comfortable joining us, regardless of your previous church experiences.  Come as you are and “go with the flow” or, if you would like to know what to expect, read below.

Plan Your Visit:

  • Our regular service is Sunday Eucharist at 9:30 am. You can expect the service to last about 1 hour. Plan to stay for coffee and snacks, with time to chat.  You may also want to stay for our adult Sunday School class, which lasts until 11:30. Study topics vary, and they do not usually require advance preparation.
  • Dress is casual. Feel free to come as you are. Folks will be wearing everything from shorts to jeans to suits and dresses.
  •  Arrive about 9:15 am. That gives you 15 minutes before the service starts to get to know us a little.
  • If you have children under the age of six, they may stay with our two adult nursery caregivers who are located across the street in the Theatre Arlington Education building.  A greeter will help you find the location. Children of all ages are always welcome in church for all or part of the service.
  • If you have school-age children, please plan to have them sit with you in church.  We welcome children and frequently offer a special sermon or other participatory activities.
  • Our services usually end with children (and some eternally young adults) invited to accompany the final hymn with rhythm instruments.

On Arrival at the Church (Theatre)theatre-lobby-greeter

You will enter the Theatre Arlington lobby, which serves as our greeting and gathering place. There is a table there where you can get a visitor’s name tag. Many of the parish regulars wear more permanent name tags. Your name tag will alert us that you may need some assistance finding your way around during your visit.

As you enter, you will be greeted by one or more parish members who are happy to help you get situated and answer your questions such as the location of the nursery, bathrooms, seating, etc.  Please leave us your contact information in the guestbook so that we can further assist you or answer your questions.

Before entering the church, be sure to get a Service Order Bulletin.  There are other informative pieces displayed on the welcome table.

Entering The Theatre

Through the red-curtained doors is the theatre, which serves as the church’s nave, the area where everyone sits during the service. You may go up the stairs to enter the theatre from the back rows, or you may go down the side aisle to come in from the front. There is handicapped access that way and those who cannot climb stairs sit in the front row.

Unlike most Episcopal churches, there are no kneelers. Many will sit to pray or meditate a while. We try to not continue the chatter and conversations from outside the doors, but our theatre setting is a little less formal than a more traditional church building, and we are always excited to be together here.

Knowing What To Do

The Service Order Bulletin will guide you through the service.    The entire service, including hymns from several sources, comes from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and is provided in booklet form since we do not have pews with racks to hold books.  The Bulletin will help you follow the service.

Our observance of the Eucharist is usually consistent from week to week. On special occasions, things will vary but the Service Order Bulletin will be the best guide for what is going on. Because we do not have kneelers, many people stand for all prayers and hymns. Some prefer to sit for certain prayers. All practices are acceptable! As a visitor, feel free to join in as much or as little as you wish.

We invite all baptized Christians to join in receiving Communion. The ushers will begin at the front of the church, inviting each row to come forward. The Priest and chalice bearers will come down from the stage to distribute the Communion elements. Just follow the crowd. If you prefer a blessing or have children who do not yet receive Communion, cross your arms across your chest to indicate that you will not be receiving either the bread or wine or both.




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