We are called to be the hands of the Lord in this place, open to all, reaching out to the community and the world.

Ministry at St. Alban’s

God calls us all as ministers of the church, equipping us with a variety of gifts.  Some of our ministries are foundational and are active all the time. Some are more fluid, forming as the call is heard for the time needed. We set up our altar each Sunday so that we may hear the Gospel and gather at the Lord’s table to “feed on Him in our hearts, with thanksgiving”.  We minister to those in our church community, the community around us, and communities beyond us that have pressing needs. We feel a strong call to serve as “the hands of the Lord,” carrying the Good News of God’s love, grace, and redemption, as we respond to Jesus’ call to bring food to the hungry, healing to the sick, and justice to the oppressed.

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As we set up our worship space on stage at Theatre Arlington, we are reminded that the church belongs in every set.  Music is an important expression of joy, awe, and thanksgiving for God’s presence and call.

Outreach and Mission:

We feel a strong call to be the hands of the Lord in this place, reaching out to the community and the world. We work directly with several community groups and respond to needs throughout the world.

Pastoral Care:

Sometimes called “Inreach”, we care deeply for those who are connected to our parish and sustain each other with prayer, visits, food, calls, and assistance with emergency needs.


God has made us stewards, or caretakers of all the gifts of creation.  We respond by sharing the gifts He has given us, and by caring for the environment and all the creatures around us.


What fun it is to enjoy time together, whether it is coffee hour, a Pentecost picnic in the park, a Ranger game, karaoke at a pancake supper, or theatre events!  Our bonds of friendship strengthen us for service!