We are called to be the hands of the Lord in this place, open to all, reaching out to the community and the world.

Vestry Minutes February 15, 2015

Vestry Present: Sr. Warden Sue Stevens-Durbec, Jr. Warden Pam Hardaway, Betty Jo Everett, Patricia Newlin, Pat Emmons, Corinne Starr, Elizabeth McPherson-Darrow, Jeri Jarzabski, Gloria Bender

Vestry Absent:

Non-Vestry Present: Rt. Rev. Rayford High, Rev. Bruce Coggin, Treasurer Walt Cabe, Clerk Priscilla Promise, Dave Burrows, Fred Morgan


The business meeting was preceded by an introduction of The Rev. Bruce Coggin, who will serve as supply priest and will also offer pastoral care and some spiritual formation from now until May 1, when The Rev. Kevin Johnson will be present to assume the role of Rector.


Bishop High addressed the Vestry, acknowledging baptism/confirmation as sign of health and growth. He would like to do a celebration of new ministry when Fr. Johnson is in place. He would prefer a weeknight when other clergy in the diocese can be present. In response to questions about the role of Rector and Priest-in-Charge, Bishop High emphasized that he views Fr. Johnson functioning as a Rector, even though he is part time.



Senior Warden Sue Stevens-Durbec opened the business meeting at 12:40.

The Agenda was APPROVED.

The Minutes of the January 11, 2015 meeting and January 18, 2015 were APPROVED.


Election of Officers

Motion (Bender, Everett) to continue with current team of Officers through the year. APPROVED.

Officers include Senior Warden Sue Stevens Durbec, Junior Warden Pam Hardaway, Treasurer Walt Cabe, and Clerk Priscilla Promise.



Senior Warden’s Report, Sue Durbec, no additional report.


Junior Warden’s Report, Pam Hardaway

Pam announced a change in leadership at Theatre Arlington. We will send flowers to welcome Valerie Galloway as Interim Executive Director.

The conference room we have been using for choir rehearsal and nursery will be unavailable until May, as it has been rented out by owner Penny Patrick to Jeff Williams, candidate for Arlington Mayor. We will use Classroom 1 during that time for choir and nursery.


Treasurer’s Report, Walt Cabe

  • Revised Operating Budget submitted, based on
  • Finalized increased Diocesan Assessment for 2015
  • Elimination of Supply Musician stipend and Social Media Administrator
  • Outreach and Mission set at 10% of pledged income, eliminating carryover from 2015
  • Spreadsheet correction in total expenses
  • At present no available Congregational Development Grants in 2015 Diocesan Budget

Motion to accept revised budget as presented (Durbec) with scheduled mid-year review. APPROVED.

  • Financial report through Jan. 31, 2015
    • January income greater than expected by $1034
    • Expenses at or below projected levels
    • Projected operating deficit for the period $2,406 less than expected2014 Parochial Report presented. Walt will check on questions about two items.

Motion to approve (Newlin, Darrow) APPROVED


  • Authorization for role of Assistant Treasurer granted.  Dave Burrows appointed for 2015.



Change to Debit Card User: Motion to remove Leslie Cromwell and approve Dave Burrows as user of Chase Debit Card, Best Buy card, Office Depot card, and Sam’s Club card (Bender, Everett). APPROVED.

Authorize letter of agreement: Motion to authorize Senior Warden to produce a letter of agreement with The Rev. Bruce Coggin for service as supply priest through April (Emmons, Hardaway). APPROVED

Nursery program: Elizabeth McPherson-Darrow presented a problem with nursery program and coverage, which has not been consistent.  Elizabeth will work with the nursery attendants to secure commitments for coverage and program planning.  In the past we have paid one hour extra to the person who is doing the program planning.  Dave Burrows has created time sheets.

Prayer List: Mickey Tryon has agreed to take on communication of prayer requests.  We need to put a notice in the eNews about the process of making prayer requests.

Future business: Next month we need to consider how to get more people to read the eNews.  We also need to address targeted fundraisers and the possibility of doing a Theatre Arlington buy out of the Thursday night preview in May of Urinetown.

Calendar reminders:

Next Vestry meeting March 15, 2015

Ash Wednesday Service with imposition of ashes, 7:00 a.m.

The meeting closed at 1:50 p.m. with prayer offered by Pam Hardaway.


Priscilla Promise, Vestry Clerk